How to quickly find the design icon of iOS APP tab bar and toolbar

As everyone knows, the design of a APP need to spend a lot of time looking for icons, so how can we want to quickly find suitable icons?

In addition to our usual collection of several icon material station, at the same time, we also pay more attention to some of the icons represent some of the meaning.
So you can quickly find our icons for APP design.

Such as: 2014 super practical APP design, linear icon PSD gift

300 iOS8 style linear APP icon material PSD Download

APP designers must go up to 10 APP icon material resource stations


It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner in APP design! The 25 school teaches you to quickly find the right iOS APP Design tab bar and toolbar icon.


The first step: where are the iOS tab bars and toolbars?. Let’s look at the pictures together!

Toolbar APP interface 3

In IOS if we want to manipulate some things, now we can use the toolbar based view (toolbar).
For example, delete the inbox items of e-mail applications, sign, reply and so on. These are the pictures below. Basically belong to toolbar category.

Toolbar APP interface Toolbar APP interface 2

Use the tag bar tab bar

In IOS, it is generally used to switch different subtasks, views, or models between the same views.
second step: a dedicated iOS tab bar and toolbar icons to share:

Http:// the cool version of the icon is divided into charge and free version of the icon.

IconBeast 3000+ Tab Bar and | iOS Toolbar Icons for iPhone and iPad


25 schools recommend this icon to cool to provide APP icon design inspiration.

Because the icon design on APP is relatively simple. And it’s best to design your own, if you use what icon material, mobile app design style is difficult to control. It can be used for novice practice.

The general APP design God is to personally design their own stlye icon.

So, when you design the APP icon, you should first find the material, and then copy, and finally draw your own.


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