15 essential tools for mobile APP practitioners

Now the mobile APP design and product operations and fill in our lives, especially at work, we often use some very convenient tools to help us better work.

Today 25 school following the design resources for the mobile APP entrepreneurial learning station after summary, 10 tools necessary to share mobile APP practitioners.

App interface design appreciation

10 Tools 25 school today recommended: against the bar, ring channel, water droplets, the first page (Yi Qixiu, rabbit, show show) Fir.IM, Tower, m, APPSite, Cruchbase, Product, Hunt, Next, leancloud, are our own tried to actually solve some of the problems of the tool.


1, exchange bar -APP integral system service platform



2, ring mobile IM solution



3, water drop WeChat public number management platform



4, the initial page – quick production of WeChat H5 page


Five excellent mobile Html5 scene page authoring tools recommended


5, show rice – WeChat public number typesetting tool


Of course, WeChat 135 WeChat easy point editor, editor, editor of WeChat 96


6, Fir.IM- quickly release iOS internal testing tools

Http://fir.im/ excellent mobile APP online tools and APP hosting platform -FIR.im


7, Tower- project team collaboration tools



Rapid production of APP 8 and AppSites-.



9, Cruchbase- startups database


At present, the best is IT oranges.


10, Product Hunt- found the most popular APP tools



11, Next- found hot APP tools (domestic)



12, LeanCloud

LeanCloud provides a stable reliable back-end cloud service for application developers, including storage, account management, social sharing, push and related technical support and services.


13, the best official Xcode+sketch learning resource platform


It includes many APP design templates and APP development resources. Is our mobile APP practitioners must learn web site.


14, Android App Patterns

There are more than 1130 screenshots of mobile phones and tablets on Android App Patterns. You can scroll down and browse more.


15, Mobile Mozaic

Mobile Mozaic mixes the beautiful UI layout on different devices.


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