APP icon LOGO design of the font design tutorial tutorial [unique]

Logo the design of many mobile APP icons are designed to convert some fonts. Such as the U.S. group APP icon LOGO, Alipay logo, Tmall APP icon APP icon logo.

If you’re interested, you can go to the top 100 APP on the APP store list. At least 10 of the APP icons logo are written in text.

App Store top 100 app list address:


APP icon design

And the source of inspiration for more APP icons: iOS App icon set, |iOS free icon download, -Iconsfeed

Here follows the 25 school Xiaobian to learn font design introductory tutorial case: [unique] font design.


Today’s theme is “win to block ten, simply omit the stroke font design, before we have to mention the” Gestalt psychology “, which is the theoretical basis we omit a typeface.


When we determine the requirements of mobile APP keyword, we need to analyze the background of font design.

Background analysis of font design:

The only two words give people a very simple feeling, therefore, in the process of design, I removed some of the more complicated stroke structure, so that strokes easier. China has the “life two, two birth three, three things” theory, we automatically compensate the missing strokes through the vision to achieve this effect, increased the connotation of text.


Choose different fonts, font design is not the same.

We can play with “only” two words on the computer, look at the stroke structure, we can find the font in painting and painting primarily vertical cross.

We put the two strokes in the “only” word, so that the strokes are more unified.

Use the rectangle tool and the font skeleton structures, more simple strokes.

The bold strokes, and reduce the font weight, make it a sense of stability to people in the visual.

Next we tried several ways to omit the font, the first structure is very chaotic, rhythm is not in place; second overall good, that point to the “implied” role, let vision will automatically complete the third strokes; no hint of strokes, do not see is “only” fourth characters; and third similar, do not see the graphics or text strokes, omitting too far.

By contrast, we chose second to optimize. The distribution of stroke thickness is re adjusted so that the strokes are consistent in visual sense, and the gray scale of the font is more average.

In general, the stroke intensive place to adjust the fine strokes thinning of the place to be bold, adjust the above after stroke, respectively with numbers and letters to represent the corresponding strokes, careful observation you will find that the differences between them.


To further standardize the use of font auxiliary line, reasonable arrangement of font spacing, make it more overall.

Font font specification complete, after the more engaging than the original.


The 25 school here is just talking about it. More font design tutorials can go to font legend website and Jingdong master road font design enhancement chapter.

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