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In June this year, Google announced that Android I/O 014 Developers Conference “new design language Material Design, Google Android official demo video shows a calendar, Gmail, map and a series of application UI interface map appreciation.

Material Design is beautiful and bold, because the clean layout and layout is simple and easy to understand. Content is the focus. Everyone’s opinion is Material Design so that an explosion Zhuo Mei! Ha-ha

Before the 25 school also tell you about another style of Android: Android holo design style is introduced and the holo interface design appreciation

25 school today to share with you a Android Material Design style APP design.




The Android app design above is downloaded from PSD: download immediately


Here’s an introduction to the Android Material Design style:

Material Design is a new interface design language to implement Google in Android L, beautiful interface, clear and full of practical logic. Material Design the use of different materials and dynamic shadows make system level more clear, visual effects of different liberal and dignified, the screen size can be well matched, whether it is 1.5 inch Android Wear watch or a 10 inch tablet computer can play very good characteristics of Material Design, is a serious hardware fragmentation Android phone.

Interested friends can go to the Google website design view: website to help developers and designers to embrace Material and Design for users to create a better experience.


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