Iconions: a practical tool for generating mobile APP icons

Today, 25 schools recommend a very interesting and simple APP icon generation tool: Iconion Icon Generator (iconion icon generator)

We can use it to create beautiful flat icons, long projection icons, desktop icons, social media icons, and mobile APP icons!




The use of APP: Iconion Icon Generator icon generation tool can give incentives for mobile UI icon designer inspiration. You need to design a multicolor icon icon.

And the generated image or icon icon are PNG format. You love iconion converts icon icon colorful modern fonts, images.


Iconion can do with you?

You can choose from a good font icon, entypo, linecons, typeicons and any other symbol font you love.

Save as JPEG or PNG, BMP, ICO files.

Regardless of the size or 1024 8px, the images of the same crisp good quality.

Style: color icon file icon shadow, shadow and long stroke, rotate gradient, icons, background, background, background color, background gradient background, shadow, border, rotate etc..

Iconions official website and tool download address: http://iconion.com/


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