Customize your private online office scene Online – immagipic

Today, 25 schools share a wonderful tool to customize your online office scene materials online.

It’s the creator of the first scene on the web – immagipic

Create and customize scenarios in a few simple steps, directly online. If you want to look at premium packages, you can get new elements to create your own custom scene.

AndImmagiPicYou can create wonderful and realistic scenes of your workstation. You don’t need a Photoshop expert or spend hours to get high-quality images.

Now, because ofImmagiPic, you can easily create your scene, immediately downloadPNG imageThe maximumThe size is 1680 * 1050.

Specific customization belongs to your private online office scene address:

Here’s its tool panel: it’s versatile with our usual PS AI, very smart, smart!



First select the scene material you want to leave from the menu bar on the left, then choose the right one and drag it out. Then you can save it by saving it in the upper right corner.

Web site:

In addition, the scene material is basically produced like this

Mobile office scene PSD material 12 high quality computer and mobile phone.


25 school today to share with you 12 pieces of exquisite mobile model material to share these 12 pieces of material, you can project your application in mobile APP or APP web design, suddenly let you work on tall!

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