Designer ability model atlas recommendation, design big God small fire share

Today, the small school of the 25 school, while browsing the designer of the small fire (Zhang Youlin) Sina micro-blog, collected a very good model of the designer ability model. It should be said that the design sector martial arts cheats.

Of course, good stuff to share, whether you are a designer or design manager, is a good dry cargo.

This is the 6 key dimensions of 3 years ago, YY pointed out, in the spider diagram form can be found in their own short board, managers can also be used to quickly interview, architects according to each person’s ability to adjust the personnel allocation. I briefly describe the 6 dimensions according to my own experience.

Mapping model of designer capability Designer competency model atlas 2

Designer competency model atlas 3


The addition of a small fire teacher about the design of the classic dry cargo:

On the “packaging design, from color and culture and products with”

The first is the color, the color is the most attractive design, if the color collocation, make consumers look after there is a sense of good to hear or see, can attract the attention of consumers. Packaging color is restricted by commodity attributes, color itself has its attributes, so the use of color should be careful, should strive for less and refined, concise and lively. Or fresh and elegant, or gorgeous moving, or simple natural, to comply with consumer customs and appreciation habits. In addition, we should take into account the grade of goods, occasions, varieties, characteristics of different colors. Design should pay attention to the unity of color and the overall style, can not use too much color, and can not use gold and silver everywhere, giving people a sense of flashy.

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