A group of animals with a polygon style made of low poly artifact

Today the 25 schools share a group of a group of low poly using the polygonal style artifact produced works of art. Excellent!

This series of polygon style works is that the author has tried many different motivations to take the low polygon style from the more complicated the first bird to the very complicated portrait.

From foreign designer Breno Bitencourt, using Illustrator and Photoshop to their respective characteristics, he published simultaneously in Low-Poly style drawing tutorials on DigitalArt and Behance.





25 School of small books think, Low (Poly) will quickly set off the latest design trend.

The so-called Low Poly, is 3D in modeling terms, refers to the low precision model point to make relatively few, generally in the online model belong to the low modulus. Since Low Poly has entered the field of graphic design, it has been favored by many designers, and has become a new design trend.


The following 25 schools share with you a Low Poly low polygon style image generator using video tutorials:

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