Online generation APP custom icon font tool: IconVault

A 25 school to share a foreign special designed ios7 icon -glyphish material. And share with you before the generation of several APP Icon Font tools. These tools are an essential tool for APP designers.

For example, APP App and -IcoMoon online Icon Font Fontello icon font generator, according to the font size to generate the corresponding icon.

Today the 25 schools share more of an online APP icon making custom font.: IconVault



Online production of custom APP Icon Font tool (IconVault) official website:

The icon font is simply the appearance for the icon font, and also has features of vector graphics, when using icons on different devices have different sizes of loading image files, can reduce the number of HTTP requests, to increase the page loading speed.

IconVault is an online production of APP Icon Font tool, so you can easily create a custom icon font, select the folder icon, click generate to. Very simple, is our best weapon design designer APP! It is recommended!

The online generation process and steps to customize the APP Icon Font:

The first step: open the URL (,

The second step: upload your own design icon or icon material

If you can not find a suitable icon material, also never mind, you only need to download the iconvau pre made templates and follow the icon to create your custom icon font indicates the real. Very cool!

Once your folder icon is ready to upload and record carefully, you need to click or drag your compressed folder to the upload area below, and we can also have a good rest.

The third step: Download generated APP icon font, you can use the operation.

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