7 trick APP icon design skills, let your iOS7 icon exquisite incomparable

When we design the APP project, APP icon design unique and exquisite can say let us head pain problems. Because the icon design is fine and the attraction is very important.

Think about it, if the user mobile phone desktop installed more APP programs, how to let users first see our icons, and accurate click?

So, after the 25 small school devoted to reading the related books and APP design information, share the following 7 strokes APP icon design skills, absolutely let you! Design inspiration for burst radio! You can also say that our iOS7 icons are beautifully designed. Small partners, do it!


APP icon design skills of the first one: * 006Metaphor of degree of identification

(1), a first note is usually icons are very small in size, so the key lies in icon design:

Simple outline the overall concept of the application. (iOS7 desktop icon design size is 120*120)


“ the general practice is to use one or two highly recognizable and representative objects. And then use beautiful colors and smooth shapes to shape the beauty of ”

(2) in addition, the metaphor of icons is stronger (for example, photo taking). Icons should be a symbol that can be represented, with an identity! In fact, a lot of APP icon design is very failure, such as Apple game center and set icon metaphor is very poor, need to improve.

(3): &#8221, APP designers don’t fancy; casually put on a white background, then fill a few color rings, which can be called icon? ” this icon does not have the function, can not understand the functionality of the application, through the concept of icons.

For example, iOS human interface guidelines of the 5 design strategy of App share

How to study color and metaphor, icon’s role is to guide the user to enter the application window, allowing users to see the best application function, don’t let users guess. For example:

Teach you 7 strokes APP icon design skills, so that your iOS7 icon design perfect

The camera icon is very conspicuous, but it’s too thick and beautiful, but its metaphor is so strong that it’s known for its usefulness. It should be said that the metaphor of these so-called APP icons is terrible. It is not worth learning and reference.


APP icon design skills second strokes: design tool-Rational application of raster line

We recommend APP designer, at the beginning of the iOS7 icon design, you can begin to design from 2 aspects:

First: use the current popular iOS7 grid line: ” allow you to block design, and can build the overall icon of the interface. The more icons that are designed using grid lines, the better they can match each other in the interface, and the stronger the overall sense of the icon in the interface is, ”

Of course, the designer should not be too self limiting: ” if you think you can break the grid line, your design will be more color, then try ”

Teach you 7 strokes APP icon design skills, so that your iOS7 icon design perfect

The grid line apple can make you ” &#8221 design, crush one by one; but the necessary conditions can break the limit of the grid line.

Second way: download the latest available iOS7 icon template template, in accordance with the specifications and methods to design their own APP icon;


APP icon design skills third:The rational use of contrasting

With the release of the ios7 icon, the first sight is bright, and the color is rich! So that’s the style of ios7. Ha-ha

Apple is a design benchmark: ” try to create a sense of contrast in the design. IOS7 because of bright and clear boundary lines, bold colors for ”

Because the bright color can bring a sense of vitality and fun, soft and delicate colors can not do this. These icons are shown below.

Teach you 7 strokes APP icon design skills, so that your iOS7 icon design perfect

Fourth skills of APP icon designTo avoid information overload too much, remember

APP added, iOS7 interface is highly dependent on the font. Slim Font for the button area filled with lots of blank.

But some people also think that the icons try not to combine with slim fonts:“ icon should be a kind of symbolic elements, itself is a kind of visual language, should not be together and language contact. Even with the text, it is not too much.

Teach you 7 strokes APP icon design skills, so that your iOS7 icon design perfect

For example, the VPN option in the system settings, the combination of micro icons and text gives people a sense of information overload. Therefore, the micro icon design with font should be a reasonable collocation, not recklessly oh!



Fifth skills of APP icon design:Moderate increase in depth and stereoscopic feeling

IOS7 visual style can be seen as a flat design, today we want to emphasize the iOS7 icon design “ &#8221 level; the concept, rather than a single flat.

If you want to be out of the ordinary, design out of the ordinary: ” add a little projection, add a little change it anyway, do more experiments, maybe a new epidemic was born and the design on the iOS7 full of possibilities, not necessarily rigid flat. ”

You can add some of our design techniques in the quasi physical design, bump, projection or so on in a region.

Teach you 7 strokes APP icon design skills, so that your iOS7 icon design perfect
The Mirror icon in the picture has a depth sense, which is much better than a flat design. What do you think?


APP icon design skills: keep the sixth moveConsistent visual design style

Don’t mix colors too seriously. You know! Below 3 points so that we can grasp the design direction.

(1) you can look at the icon of the Apple App Store suite, and obviously they’re all a series of icons.

The design of a set of icons and the design of an icon need to consider different things. Design complete sets of icons with consistency.

The designer should deliberately cultivate their overall sense of this, even if your job is to design an icon, you can also think so: ” if this application has a sister application, so how to design the icon? ” through this illusion to exercise their own design thinking.

(2), but to remind you, consistency means not rigidly adhere to a form of ” the thickness of the line do not have exactly the same color, also need not be completely consistent, but the overall style must be harmonious, &#8221,; ” white symbol collocation color gradient ” this method is the most simple. (or use a colorful, transparent icon on white background) ” the whole style is unified – a single icon is flexible to design &#8221 according to the different metaphors;

(3) in fact, through consistent design, can increase the same series of applications, icons of contact, feeling or emotional.

Teach you 7 strokes APP icon design skills, so that your iOS7 icon design perfect
In short: there are many ways to create consistency. We need to learn and accumulate in practice.


APP icon design skills of sixth moveAPP designer must have the spirit of pursuing perfection, repeatedly thinking, must produce exquisite products.

The perfect iOS7 icon design needs to be decorated countless times. I think you’ve all seen how steel works! Ha-ha

No matter how good the iOS7 visual style, the icon of the standard hasn’t changed: elegant, simple, the details are in place.

Here, 25 schools recommend you read a little more modern design, architecture, font books, constant pursuit, and constantly enhance their sense of design.

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