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25 school laotan students would like to do some research? Usually when we are in the design of APP, is not the first to design the APP icon, go to the APPUI interface design. Interested students can post a comment below is.

A: represent the color and icon first, and then design the APPUI interface

B: represent the first APPUI interface, and then design the APP Icon

No matter what kind of design process of APP, I want to design a app icon link is essential. APP icon design good represents a good image of APP. So, the 25 schools all design students, to write about APP icon design two or three. Here is to share a specific APP design case: “App project name: beautiful day street
Phase I: APP interface design tutorial APP icon design material

The focus of this period is to share and review, if you want to find your satisfied icon material, or excellent APP icon design appreciation.

4 sets of high quality linear APP icon material sharing:

High quality APP ICON2

Share 4 sets of fine quality ICON icon materials, so that you will not worry about the design in 2014! Enough to get you swept across the APP design icon community! If you don’t think these are enough, you can look at the 10 excellent collections of icon materials that designers want to collect


1200 fine icons APP, including weather, hospitals, education, food, building 40 * 40PNG series APP icon.


1600 free APP website or high quality icons:


Download High Quality Royalty Free Icons Set Free Vector, Icons Set, Free PSD Files and Stock Icons Collections in one place”

More than 1000 skeuomorph design icon App relates to share, are some of the classic APP icon ios6. Click to view

8 sets of free iOS7 application icon design template download PSD


This group is ios7’s APP icon template. For APP icons, novices are good tools.

If these icons APP can not satisfy you, 25 school with you recommend a APP online icon font generator -IcoMoon.


With icomoon, you can easily search and download vector icons or generated fonts (icon fonts). This tool can also be used for icon set management.

More and better free APP icon material, all in the 25 school icon material library. If you haven’t met your requirements, you can leave a message for us, and we also have the packaged icon material source file.


Here is the flat APP icon material display:

Free download: APP flat icon shadow icon set material

Twenty trillion and one hundred and thirty-one billion one hundred and twenty-six million one hundred and forty-three thousand four hundred and sixThis wonderful icon set, the created specifically for the WebdesignerDepot PixelKit, is to repeat the “flat” icon a brilliant twist everywhere now. The use of bright and saturated colors, in favor of flat design, the icon is attractive, happy, friendly. In an interesting turn of Changchun technology has been applied to the actual increase icon “3D quality, instead of flattening its approach.


A group of iOS flat icons, different design styles show

Ios-iconsToday, we dedicate a group of flat design iOS icons to enjoy. Designers use contrasting methods to present 2 different styles. One is a flat iOS icon. One is the iOS icon system with shadows of the projection effect and the sun. This group of iOS icons can also present a lot of icon design techniques and the angle of icon design, the standard of icon design, etc..

APP icon design tutorial: analysis of flat design

Icon design

This is a flat design style icon analysis tutorial, feel very good! The designer illustrates several common methods of APP icon design. Worth learning and reference!


48 free flat design icons APP package (with PSD source file)


Today to share with you some free icons APP. Is a free flat beautiful design icon, all icon vector shape design PSD.


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