Micro-blog client and NetEase Beijing recruitment mobile terminal UI Designer

25 school will also help you find mobile terminal designers who work with small partners to provide some new recruitment information.

If you are looking for a job in Beijing, 25 schools believe that micro-blog client and NetEase are your good choice.


[interactive] NetEase Beijing seeks mobile terminal interactive designer”[xkl kiss]By joining us, we can participate in a successful product that affects hundreds of millions of users! Shihuo and reliable you can send your resume to xiejunwei82@163.com.

The mobile terminal interaction designer


[micro-blog client recruitment] products: the hottest mobile social micro-blog APP in the eastern hemisphere; location: Beijing: visual / interactive / dynamic Designer / intern! “[onlookers]Not afraid of no user,Right [bright]Not afraid of no food supplement,[doge]Listen to the tens of millions of Tucao sound “, as long as you have! Design youth, study at home in the evening[refueling]

Mobile APP interaction designer

Mobile APP designerresponsibilities:

1. responsible for the total PC and mobile end product of the visual style of the control; the
3. share the design experience, promote the ability of design team;

Qualifications: mobile APP Designer

1. bachelor degree or above in art, design or related majors;
More than 2.2 years of PC or mobile terminal design experience, hand-painted ability is preferred;
3. love design, have broad industry such as graphic design, UI design, Internet and other visual aesthetic standards;
4. complete the visual style setting and UI design of website user interface design independently;
5. have the ability to observe and summarize the continuous innovation of the internet.

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