[notice], “Heng Technology” service center, response speed, more awesome

HENGCHUANG HENGCHUANG network technology (Hongkong) Co. is the company’s well-known host brand, the company is headquartered in Hongkong. In order to expand the scale of the mainland and further improve the service level, the company in 2014yearSixFounded in March, the regional service center in Chongqing municipality.And gradually set up professional service system including customer service system, technical support, operations team, service, service center will become the first standard.

HENGCHUANG technology, has 3 top room enterprise server configuration in Hongkong, provide a real expert network environment. Focus on Hongkong server service 5Year,Won a good reputation and credibility. So far, China has accumulated HENGCHUANG technology 56000+The site providesThe service, and the smooth realization of cloud based products. HENGCHUANG technology is developing rapidly, is rapidly becoming the domestic to provide high quality services to a new generation of IDCService provider.

Civil service telephone: 010.

Direct dial telephone: 013.

Tencent 016.:Four billion sixty thousand three hundred and thirteen


The final interpretation of all HENGCHUANG technology. At the same time this article sponsors activities 25 school.


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