5 useful APP design and APP development tools recommended

25 school is a professional APPUI interface design web site, the purpose is to help designers and developers of various resources, inspirational things and opinions. We have also been working with all APP designers buddies all the latest APP design tools to share, APP design plug-in, APP design tutorials and webAPP front-end design knowledge. Including APPUI and other materials.
Share 5 useful APP design and APP development tools this week.

1. APP designer seven crime books (e-books) share

Book by Kyhry Taylor, to provide information and ideas, free help designers achieve success, and build a profitable design business. Kyhry from his years of experience to obtain specific opinions as a free occupation, and provide you with the easy steps.

The best design - development tools

2. Foogi

Foogi is a tool that allows people to spend time meeting friends instead of chasing them. Users can easily choose any contact they want to hold a meeting, and Foogi will help access their free time and display them on the top of the calendar. When one can choose, they can be free. In addition, Foogi helps create default calendar applications, booking for users, they will know that they are all free, the event at that time.
The best design - development tools
3, the most creative people in APP.
The most creative people in 1000 “is a modern renaissance man and women’s influence in the economy and the rest of the world, diversified group. It can be said that the inspiration, the rise of community.

The best design - development tools
4. UIKit APP design package
The user interface toolkit is a lightweight, modular front frame, for the development of fast and powerful Web interface. It is a tool that allows you to a comprehensive collection of HTML, CSS and JS components is easy to use, easy to customize and extend.
The best design - development tools
5. Shapeways
Shapeways is the source of unlimited personal production. Shapeways is the world’s leading 3D printing market and community, making use of 3D printing, and design the world products to facilitate the sharing of personal and inspiring design.

The best design - development tools

Do you have any suggestions or would you like to add any list of such cool tools? To do it with us, we’d be happy to include it in cool list of tools and application designers and developers that we will have next week. You are welcome to contribute!

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