Design and hobbies can generate amazing works with [SKYUI] design view

“Designers and hobbies” everyone has hobbies, work and hobbies combined may be a passionate hobby with things, design and can generate energy striking works, Justin mezzell tells the story of his creative experience.







Designer and hobbies: unlimited exploration
The total stylist asked me, can give some design suggestions. I usually don’t know what to answer, first of all, I am not you, how do I know your specific question? Secondly, I really don’t know what your goals are, what you want. I can only give my first experience according to the design of a proposal. I practice, so today is a “small” achievement, all I know is that the designer to maintain progress, and must keep the progress, this is the basic quality of occupation.
In my spare time, I have many hobbies.
Movie the great will make me the story of those outstanding the spirit has left the body for a long time, the cartoon very attractive, I remember from when I was young, I will contact the electronic game, play until now.



Last week, I watched a movie, let my head speed up. This isMorgan SpurlockDirecting a documentary animation (Animation Festival funFourIt is the pinnacle of Santiago comic and animation exhibition. Different people came to Santiago because of different reasons, and they had different reasons and different ideas. But the Anime Festival brought them together, and they felt like a small group.
I spent a long time to come out from this documentary, which I had a great anecdote and sympathy. In the movie, I was impressed by a woman dressed in costumes and painted makeup, she said herCosIt’s done in a simple garage. Her costumes are stacked in the wings, a bit like the actual reproduction of the things in the fictional comics, very real, and all her equipment is handmade by herself. She also made a series of quality effects games.


In the documentary, the trilogy describes the course of the fanatic fan – some ideas about the setting of the characters, the manual process, and the final Cosplay. I find that, as long as the love, then you will go beyond the creative media and conditions. In order to create these exquisite costumes, she overcame many obstacles, finally let the game props into real life items.
When I think about this story, I always feel guilty, and I don’t feel the time to realize my hobbies and dreams.
I can express my idea of art creation. I design is a means of expression. I may not draw comics, not writing, not filming. I but to express my ideas through the pixel.



Bioshock Infinite
When I startedBioshock InfiniteIn this work, I especially eager to express my hobby. I hope to be able to love those experienced by the design into tangible. After practice I found that the expression of Months and years pass by., my favorite thing is very simple, my writing has become almost a kind of instinct. It feels like the energy channels in the body be opened quickly, the energy and passion I sway in the canvas or on the screen.
When I design this hobby and work together, I feel like I’m in obedience to my instinct, and I design with incredible control and fluency. Then I think I can not only design the design theme, but also by my design and enthusiasts to share some of my views. Based on the design and hobbies, I have a lot of friends.
I don’t know what you like, maybe you like Babylon five, or you might like Dr. mysteryDR.WHO,Or you love the legend of zelda. What is love with the design for your hobby to do what.




If you don’t have the time to work, or have no chance to design your hobby. Don’t give up. Spend extra time doing it. Be creative with a passion.
My hobby is comics, science fiction movies and games, I design, I love, so design my hobby, and practice constantly, my work of creative power is so simple.
Recommend someone else’s work, this is…Marie BergeronLike me, she is also an excellent designer who likes to find inspiration from hobbies.





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