SKYUI design tips – about Win8’s “Live Tiles” and “Splash Page”

Dynamic magnetic stickers (Live Tiles) is a symbol of the element Windows 8 interface. Excellent layout design and practical features to attract many customers, but when you design the magnet, we must pay attention to something that doesn’t make these common mistakes “–” Win8 design manual “SKYUI design



There will be a period of time before loading App operation, in order to remind the user, you need to reload the page. The design style of win8 loading interface needs to pay attention to what the problem?




“Semantic zooming” (Semantic Zoom) with a new perspective to show the content and navigation of large amounts of data, using the delay load control data display. Therefore, it can be used as a container of large quantities of data, used to display single or large data sets. How to design the correct semantic zoom style data show page?


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