In 2014 the Apple Corp will popularize iOS7 APP and iOS7 GUI to download the full set of elements

According to TNW reported yesterday, the Apple Corp in its website developers plate issued a notice, all applications require developers to submit to the App Store application store, including new applications and updates, in February 1st next year according to iOS7 APP optimization.

Apple Corp said, since February 1st submitted to the new application and application App Store store update, must use the latest version of Xcode5 iOS7 APP for development and optimization; in the preparation of the application, please review the iOS human interface guidelines, for details. Apple Corp released the latest version of the iOS system in June this year, and began to users launched in September.

At present, the popularity of iOS7 in Apple users in the rate of 76%, in addition to the new features of the platform, it also provides a clear reason for developers to optimize their application. But in the period before the arrival, many developers and designers have to do a lot of work.

All the revisions from the ios6 app interface to the ios7 app process accelerated! Do you guys feel the pressure suddenly increases?! Especially those companies that start app or rely on app to survive, you can think of pressure mountain!


Specification for design of iOS7 Icon:

16 free iOS 7 GUI suites and templates [PSD source files]

Interface design tutorial APP chapter iOS7 “and” iOS7 design specifications and unified design specifications finishing

Why did the Apple Corp issue the ultimatum, and it was earlier and harsher than ever! I think all of you can figure out what the Apple Corp is doing

We still talk about why the ios7 interface is good?

IOS7 GUI: more than 1000 magic design elements

The wonderful GUI element is inspired by the ios7 new style test version, but the application icons and interfaces are generally slightly improved.


More GUI elements iOS7 download address:

iOS7 GUI: Fantastic set with more than a thousand elements

Extended reading:

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The first impression of iOS7 in your mind is not this?

Are these designs your favorites? Apple iOS7 flat design and promotion is appropriate? Let’s know what you think in the comments.

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