A group of Metro UI style social media APPUI icons [PSD Download]

This set of Metro style social media icon 16, format: PSD file, 1.53M.

What is the Metro style?

MetroThe intention is the subway,MetroThe style of the design and inspiration is used from the airport and the subway system visual language.

With the release of the Windows Phone7, WIN8’s debut, the new design style of Metro is familiar to everyone.

Metro design has the following five principles:

1. clean, light, open and fast

2., content, not texture

3. integration of hardware and software

4. world class animation

5. vivid and soul

These design principles are based on such a principle, is that all UI elements should be in real digital, accompanied by a harmonious, functional, visual elements to attract people. Applications should use exploratory spirit and exciting visual design to impress users. So, 25 schools recommend this group of Metro UI style social media APPUI icon for everyone to appreciate and learn. Especially suitable for beginners!


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Metro UI is a kind of interface display technology, and Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android interface, the biggest difference is that after all two is used as the main objects are rendered, and the Metro interface is emphasized the information itself, rather than redundant interface elements. The display part elements of the next interface on the function of the main function is to prompt the user to have more information here. “”. At the same time in the visual effect, which contributes to the formation of a feel personally on the scene

Metro design is not just for mobile applications and application design, more and more sites are also integrated into the Metro UI!


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