The most emotional Andriod mobile phone UI interface design -Emotion UI

Introduction to Emotion UI:

China is the first 4.1 commercial UI interface design. At the end of September 2012, jointly launched by the HUAWEI group following UI outstanding designers and product designers. It is an application of the Andriod operating system on visual feast! HUAWEI mobile phone is an important selling point and effective work! Is the UI interface design industry good works! Excellent case is our UI interface designer inspiration and learn from!


Emotion UI is an emotional user interface developed by HUAWEI based on Android. The original Me Widget integration of common functions in one step; a fast and convenient desktop, reduce the two level menu; colorful massive theme, not dazzle you. Intelligent guidance at the fingertips, handsome out of the white state. Intimate voice assistant, instantly liberate your hands. Enjoy the experience whenever and wherever possible.

Features of Emotion UI:

1, the Emotion UI interface to be made one quick and simple operation.

Desktop and main menu fusion, clear and quick display of mobile phone applications, reduce the operation of the two menu, easy to use. At the same time, the integration of weather, clock, music, album and common contacts 5 common modules, integration of screen space, commonly used functions more clearly.

2, Emotion UI intelligent user guide convenient, comprehensive and timely operation guide

Let the user fast operation with the fastest speed, ease of use has been greatly improved. In the user most in need of help, prompting the user operating guidelines, allowing users to operate more smoothly, satisfactory, shunyi.

3, the Emotion UI voice assistant is the most versatile little secretary you the most intimate

The voice assistant with the highest recognition rate and the fastest response speed on the market. Call, send text messages, play music, weather query, query, search and share map translation and other functions in a variety of functions that make HUAWEI voice assistant is your first choice.

Tips 4, Emotion UI has massive mobile phone wallpaper dress

Many local theme choice, dozens of sets of online theme for download, thousands of sets of lines under the theme of alternative collocation, personalized ringtones and many fonts, there is always a right for you. Real, scene wallpaper gives you a deeper, more intuitive experience, enhance interactivity.

5,Emotion UIDedicated to the management of electricity saving, time saving and money saving mobile phone housekeeper

The power saving mode accurate power use time, intelligent power saving, long standby and accurate application of power rankings, let your mobile phone more power, traffic statistics, intelligent precise and accurate application of flow charts to remind, custom flow settlement date, make your mobile phone more money.

6, Emotion UI has a stunning Dolby sound cool camera effects, the most entertaining atmosphere!

Super shock Dolby sound, equipped with Music+ mass of pop music, support local music management, online music appreciation, caller ringtone download, stunning customized ringing tone settings and other functions; perfect enjoyment, take you into the wonderful music space. Touch focus, face recognition, face, taste HDR, panorama mode, group photo mode…… A variety of functions, high definition shooting, a variety of beautification and allows you to record life bit by bit better.



Part of the Emotion UI interface theme appreciation:

Cover (2) Cover (1) CoverCover (3)


Emotion UI is an emotional user interface developed by HUAWEI based on Android. Smart pictures, easy to use, enjoy the fun of DIY mobile phone interface, you can not help but want to try fresh? Try it out? Let’s start the Exploration Tour together! Because there are many themes in Emotion UI!

after a small website experience, made the following comments:

Emotion UI gives users a lot of selectable modules, from the provision of a large number of resources to customize the convenient operation, we have a lot of space can be independently transformed.
Theme, you can start from the local details, to achieve a variety of Mashup, in addition to the original design will unlock, looking for applications, open the application of this cumbersome process step by step, so that the application is more accessible, more convenient operation. Different feelings for different Andriod mobile phones for you!


If you are a fan of Emotion UI UI interface design, you deserve!


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