What is UI interface design and what software is used for UI interface design?

Recently, some of the students who have just touched the UI interface design are always asking me, what is the UI interface design?
1, let’s take a look at the design work of a UI interface:


The official version of the explanation is: UI, that is, User Interface (user interface) for short. UI design refers to the overall design of human-computer interaction, operation logic and interface aesthetics of software.

UI is the USER INTERFACE user interface
GUI is GRAPHIC USER INTERFACE, a graphical user interface

That is to say, UI includes interactive way, ordinary computer is usually using the mouse, keyboard interaction, now mobile phones, tablet computers are mostly touch and so on.

The operation logic of each user at the time of the operation steps, how to design the logic operation, the transfer of the user, the operation is simple and convenient, at a glance.

Beautiful interface is the flavor of the GUI, that is graphical user interface design, mainly beautiful design. It’s usually done by the art designer.

Good UI design is not only let the software becomes individual taste, but also make the operation of the software becomes comfortable, simple and free, fully embodies the orientation and characteristics of the software.

UI interface design is involved in the field are: design psychology, emotional design, art design, art design theory of knowledge.


2, the use of UI interface design software which can make?
A just engaged in UI interface design asked the friend, would like to ask the main software interface tool is made out of what software, such as pens, hand tools, because the lines are too thin, lack of clarity, a bit like doing. Swordsman are what tools do? How to ensure its clarity, no mosaic virtual edge?

The answer is: GUI:Graphic User Interface abbreviation: graphical user interface.

Software icons are made using vector graphics software, so that amplification will not be distorted, such as CorelDraw, Illustrator, FreeHand and so on.

UI interface design commonly used software:Photoshop and illustrator

25 school summary or advice:

UI interface design is in need of an overall quality, such as aesthetics, software integration, interactive capabilities, it is for the whole or the software, a global web design style. Of course design skills is very important, this is the basis of the basic PS and AI must be mastered, not too much, but should be refined, have better knowledge of art, but also not necessarily to the.

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