Thin goods network creative design, creative product design most potential new type of e-commerce website

Dilute goods network is a best creative gifts, creative products, creative goods, creative daily necessities and other online shopping platform, specifically for the quality of life of you, to provide a unique life experience! Won the 2012 first financial “angels fall in love” who has the most potential entrepreneurial project.

Thin goods network brings us some different tips and entrepreneurial ideas for our design colleagues. Therefore, 25 schools to see how to develop design websites, the design potential of the market is not limited.

One billion three hundred and fifty-three million thirty-four thousand two hundred and sixteen

“Angel” is a big season who fell in love with the first financial effort to build the multicast entrepreneurship programs, uphold the tenet is “everyone is entrepreneur, everyone is investors, feedback to the forefront of the trend of investment, to provide business benchmark for entrepreneurs”. At the same time, the program also adhere to the “no show” principle, the real exchange platform for entrepreneurs and investors and entrepreneurs to provide financing opportunities, let them have the opportunity to achieve their dreams. Recommend we have time to understand.

Give you a designer’s product, but also take the designer’s culture, ideas, ideas, values also give you. You can also feel the designer’s heart, and you can also explain the story of this product in your own way. So they become your story, you can tell your friends, let this product become your friend’s another story……

Design leads to a better life, this is why I have been engaged in the field of product design!

Kuzhan appreciation:

The thin web allows us to absorb more nutrients! Worth recommending!

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