Gallery of Freebies-Creattica free online design inspiration resources

Creattica is an online design creative resource website. Address: kuzhan appreciation


One, Web and screen

  • e-mail design
  • HTML / CSS
  • Icon design
  • Chart information
  • Mobile interface
  • PowerPoint and theme

Two, multimedia

  • Flash website
  • Dynamic graphics

Three, art and design

  • 3D graphics
  • Architecture
  • Digital painting
  • sign
  • In Photoshop
  • Pixel art
  • product design
  • Street Art
  • Letterpress printing
  • vector graphic

Four, print design

  • advertisement
  • Book cover
  • The Brochure
  • business card
  • Editing design
  • poster
  • T-shirt design

These block design blocks. It also contains UI elements, photographic materials, other design materials, etc.. It’s a place for designers to learn.

Some works show:


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