200 APP design vector icons are downloaded from inventicons for free

Today we bring you a inventicons icon set! It includes 200 free icons can be used for personal and commercial use.
If you love these icons like we do, you can get this
The behavior includes 198 vector icons and 9 useful PS image processing software (only $11). Want more? See this great deal, where you can get the whole thing
Inventicons collection
The 1000 vector icon is only 25 dollars, not 50 yuan (only a limited amount of time!)
More vector and PSD graphics checking
. After the jump…… The file provides a PSD file containing the complete raster image preview. Enjoy!



Inventlayout is a web site that presents practical design and graphics for web developers. We look for special, worthy learning skills, and resources that modern network professionals appreciate.

Inventlayout official website: http://www.inventlayout.com/

There are a lot of good PSD file download.

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