LOGO design of 30 techniques and 9 design specification [design] dry cargo sharing

Specification and design techniques of logo
1. use vector diagram
Zoom bitmap easily losing mass, vector can be lossless zoom. For logo design, vector is the most appropriate. So if you haven’t started learning vector, now give yourself a reason to start learning.
2. don’t use too many colors and fonts
This specification is mentioned, some experienced logo designers will say so in many other logo design articles, that this is very important in the design of logo. Unless you have a good reason, try not to use too much color for logo, and keep the simplicity of the logo design. The same is true of fonts.
3. make logo readable
If the logo contains text, should ensure that people can easily read these words, if the logo design contains some special important graphics, also let people can easily see. A logo design that cannot recognize characters and graphics will have a negative impact on marketing.
4. spend time designing logo
You can’t expect to design an excellent logo in an hour. Design several versions of logo, try to use different colors and fonts, or let colleagues and friends around you give some advice.
If you design logo too fast, it takes too little time, and maybe you have to take the time to modify it later. And if the logo design changes frequently, it will also affect people’s awareness of logo, and have a negative impact on marketing.
5. do not use photos
This should be a lot of people are able to understand, photos are not bitmap and vector diagram, if used to design logo will cause a series of potential problems. Photos of the role is to provide ideas and inspiration for the logo design, rather than directly to the design of logo.
6.logo design should be considered in different places
The design of logo, taking into account the logo may be placed in a different background, so the logo were placed in a dark background and light background, to see whether the effect. At the same time should do a black and white version of the logo for reference. Of course, this is very easy to realize in software.

7. other logo design inspiration –
8. love their logo design
9.. Reference to other feedback
. You might think that some local cool logo design for other people is not so.
* 014.

30 techniques commonly used here is the LOGO design:


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