The first impression of iOS7 in your mind is not this?


IOS7 after the first few hours of use, I think it is worth some comments.


The first Beta, it is worth remembering is just a test – – in my iPhone is fairly stable, but I heard some opinions of the people who have problems, including: installation restoration application installation difficulty, the wireless network is not stable, it is difficult to activate.

Yes, fortunately no problem.

Lock screen

Photo 4

Face, two novel.Now the lock screen has a slide notice.And pretty smart.The day behind, birthday and climate agenda.

The control center new sliding lead, so you can increase the volume, opening and closing the flight mode, WIFI, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb (DND) and rotation adjustment.You can also set brightness, control iPod, airdrop, flashlight, alarm, access to calculators and cameras.

It doesn’t even have to be “sliding unlock””.

Photo 5

The main screen

Once unlocked, you will get home Cafon rrima animation.

Static icons without drastic changes in the “paradigm”.However, you can’t talk about not designing a new home.

As you may already know, Jonny IVE, since the Almighty designer Scott Forsdale resigned apple, responsible for the design also includes not only the hardware software.

Therefore, all the expectations of his shoulder and IOS7 is not only expected from Apple’s mobile operating system, has lagged behind in the aspect of function, but because it is also designed to be overcome.

During the waiting period, I’ve hinted that investment in this area is called design flat or 2D.His words are not market hype.Obviously, the market expected similar to Windows 8.

They all know what it is, that I want to get rid of the Apple design called skeuomorfismo, and the simulation of the real world elements.Think of the notes, a yellow legal pad.Leather cover links.

This concept is supported by Jobs and Fuchs DELL, but I have been on the contrary.Therefore, further expectations are expected.

And the result?A disaster.I can’t believe, I even saw this set of icons.

First, the default background is wave manjadas, which we already know.This is not conducive to all planar or two-dimensional ideas.

Then, if you notice that after the photo illustrates this, you’ll see if there is consistency in the design icon.First, set, including analog metal gear style skeuomorfista.Second, at App Store, and has a volume degradee blue without flatness.Then there’s no background for photos and film and supercolorido.The weather here, but the color, Transfar ncias degradee App Store opposite to the background light source.Then, calendar and contacts no graphics and numerous details.Anyway, … the aesthetic icon has nothing to do with it, resulting in an unfortunate visual disorder.

I really want to believe that some future upgrades to the language.

One of the highlights is, making it very simple to share new photos. The application of the “instant” and “year”, organize your photos. That year is a set of time and time is to collect the same location / date photos. It is easy to find what you’re looking for pictures, and even easier to share.

Witt / stock

The new design, more clean.Pleasantly cool。

Is that the problem?Will save apple?


But IOS7 is definitely an evolution.With OS Mavericks, new MacPro and MacBook Air, apple buys a little more time.

Although only in the Mac Pro feel so far, the spark of innovation.

As I write this article is as high as 0.56%.Not so much.This is because if the market has just taken part in the presentation.

But calm.

Tim coock himself warned that Apple will launch real innovation in the second half of 2013, early 2014.

So this is it.Patience.

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