How to design a good Appicon| APP icon design skills

I think you just join the APP UI designers, the heart must have a question like this? Good App icon how to design?

We always have the concept that the bigger the ICON, the better. This has become a deeply rooted but lacking intrinsic value.

But in the field of Logo design, especially those designed for APP Logo, “big” is their natural enemies. They want a can reflect the concept of brand logo design in the confusion between.

HitFix, the entertainment News Corp in Losangeles, learned this lesson last year. At that time, they were designing icons for an application that was ported from iPhone to Android phones. Business Development Manager Dave Huff said that they were the target, is the iPhone application icon ported to the Android platform, will this icon design more sharp, and let the user be able to recognize.

Huff said: “we have to design a small icon that reflects brand value. It’s a very difficult job to do this in such a small icon.” In view of the different system platforms, the design of mobile application icons is also very different, but the most typical icon size should be 16 x 16 pixels.

Huff gave the job to the picture design crowdsourcing website Within 11 days, he received 45 offers and quotes. Huff selected one of these people and worked with him for Multi Size icon design. After that, Huff had another problem: clarity. The original icons of these icons look good and zoom in to the Android test environment, and the details of the icons begin to blur. He said: “when we look at the effects of these icons on mobile devices, we find that many details of these icons are hard to see.”

At the last moment, they hired another designer, design a more simple, but bright higher and more eye-catching icons, and new design elements consistent with the original icon icon.


There’s a consensus among graphic designers: designing an outstanding mobile app icon is probably the hardest job. Dng Studio Dale Nigel Goble creative director who designed thousands of icons, he said: “if you could design a 16 pixel impressive icon, you will have a very high capacity. To be an outstanding icon design in such a small size, as difficult as the creation of a ancient epic.”

The last challenge to design APP icons is to make Logo universal”. Micheline Crawford created the Crawford design company, he believes that the “universal” means that the pictures can zoom in proportion, and whether the equipment is in the horizontal screen or vertical screen, the icon can be a good show.


Furthermore, we take a look at the IconFinder founder Martin LeBlanc said that most users want to visually beautiful, sometimes love that kind of unbelievable icon design. In order to achieve the beauty and intuition of these two simple and difficult pursuit, he gives 5 small suggestions.

1, color: simple and special patterns help icon stand out. Use colors carefully, don’t turn over the palette, and sometimes even one or two colors are enough.

2, try to use only one logo or letter to complete the icon bar, Ness, Pocket, Vine, Snapguide and Pinterest are successful cases.


3, keep the originality is a good way of talent shows itself.

4, after completing a icon, don’t forget to test the display effect of icon on various color tablecloths. Also, don’t forget to put the icon in the folder to test the display effect. Finally, on the user’s device, the icon will appear in different sizes, and the designer needs to make sure that icon looks comfortable in all sizes.

5, in the old section of the screen can only provide 16 bits of standard color. The color and depth of the new screen is better, but the difference between the different screens is also big. Based on this, designers should give priority to the original 16 bit color device design Logo, in order to ensure that Logo can display well on all devices. The APP icon should be associated with the full size Logo of the brand. Some designers define this as “visually recognizable””. Keep the concept concise. In small equipment, complex design is not desirable.

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