APP icon template specification Daquan official version, including iOS6, iOS7 and Android application icon template (including PSD source files)

Let’s make the APP icons a little bit more refined!

The application icon template ( is a free Photoshop resources, makes it easier for you to do the icon. To edit a single object, it will automatically show various dimensions required by iOS and Android. Make it easy to use and establish a bound in the texture and color of the action, to export a an easy job to do.


1, iOS6 official version of the application icon design

This is a Photoshop file, and through smart objects, iOS applications that need to be bundled in various sizes that automate the process.Our idea is to edit the largest size, and have smaller size, to achieve faster workflow, when the design icon automatically rendered.You can also choose ready-made texture, you can build, exact and convenient export documents preview action spit!


Free download iOS6 icon PSD source file: download immediately


2, iOS7 official version of the application icon design

IOS 7 application icon template is ready for the iOS 7 system. The template includes fast rendering of various sizes bundled texture and iOS 7 colors. The application automatically render a preview of your in app store, an icon on the main screen. It also contains a new golden ratio grid and convenient export operation.


Download the iOS7 icon PSD source file free: I’m going to download this



3, Google Android application icon design official version

AndroidLauncher icon template

This template helps to quickly display the size of multiple robot launch icons. It’s bound textures, with several standard Android shape boundaries, ice cream sandwiches, picture previews, and easy export operations.



Free download iOS7 icon PSD source file: I want to download the Android application icon template


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