Standard iPad interface design, beginners must collection iPad design

The features of the platform

1 large screen with resolution 1024× 768
2 again stressed that there is no fixed direction, must be supported in four directions.
3 can be connected to the keyboard
4 equipment can be placed, synchronization with the desktop

Eight hundred and seven million two hundred and twenty thousand four hundred and nineteen

The common features of iPhone and iPad

Memory Limited
Run a single program at the same time
– place program options in the settings function
– device direction can be changed
Minimize the help, so that users can directly understand
Program response gestures, not mouse
Run source program, Web program, or both of the two
Picture depth 24 bits (RGB 8 each), and with 8 bit alpha channel, it is recommended to use PNG format pictures

IPad interface design simple recommendations

1, support all
* 017
4, reduce the full screen switching, only part of the change of
to change 6, if possible, increase the realism and the physical dimension to the application, as far as possible as the real world items so that the user easy to use the
8, try to let users pay more attention to the content rather than the interface
* 020
10, reduce the use of the list, changed into other forms of the
12, let the user operation mode where you can window
* 14, especially to reduce the file operation let the user feel the existence of the
16, the toolbar in the upper integration interface
* 024
try to use screenshots as the startup screen.
> restore the 026
18, the program may be stopped at any time the
20, a beautiful icon

Size: 72× 72
* icon standard:
> for &gt * 030. In addition to providing 48 48× a spotlight search for icons, and set the
hope you follow the existing iPad interface design specification

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