A set of iPhone app interface design illustration wireframe template

A couple recently worked to worry about the user experience design of mobile apps, standardized with Adobe’s InDesign, Illustrator and Omnigraffle, and I found a lot of resources, and I couldn’t find any illustrations. Most of the things I found Omnigraffle. I never liked Omnigraffle so much, so I stuck to Illustrator and InDesign. There are some visual design templates are available on the web, but I think it is entirely false lead frame using visual design elements, enabling customers to focus on the wrong things: wire frame should only be used to convey the page element function, and give some indication of the real estate to take these elements. I created a file in AI and PDF format, and I’ve used most of the assets of these two apps. Although it’s not a complete set, it should be useful to avoid recreating the same thing if you find yourself in the same situation.



Download this free iPhone wireframe: iPhone’s wireframe element [ZIP file]

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