Hot future mobile Internet world is dominated by APP?

If the future mobile Internet world is not to each website is HTML5 that kind of popularity ideal degree? Is HTML5 not fully under control? The future of the mobile Internet world, Web and APP who is the main ups and downs?

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From the angle of product differentiation

No need to install Web, the fragmentation of the device’s ability to adapt is better than App, it need only by XHTML, CSS and JavaScript can be executed on any mobile browser. With the iPhone WebKit browsing experience upgrade, the iPhone is designed for Web application development WebKit mobile browser kernel, such as App have generally smooth user experience.

The advantages of mobile Web:
Low development cost
Adapting multiple mobile devices
Iterative updating is easy
No installation cost
Disadvantages of mobile Web applications:
Browsing experience can not transcend native applications in a short time
Offline mode is not supported
News push is not timely enough
The ability to access local file systems is weak
And because App is located above the platform layer, the ability to access and compatibility down will be better, which can support online or offline, message push or local resource access, and the acquisition of camera dialing function. However, due to the fragmentation of equipment, App development costs are much higher, maintaining multiple versions of the update and upgrade is more troublesome, the user’s installation threshold is relatively high. But more optimistic is that App store has developed a better user pay model, so in the Apple ecosystem, the developer’s profit model is a clear state, other market is on the way closer.

The local advantages of App:
To provide the best user experience, the best quality of the interactive user interface, the most gorgeous
Adaptation for different platforms
Clear profit model
Disadvantages of local App:
Transfer to a different platform.
Maintain multiple versions of the cost is relatively high
Need to confirm by store or market
The profit needs and divided into third parties


From a technical point of view of syndrome differentiation

What is the bottleneck of web? I think it is the efficiency of local rendering, two is a cross platform support, three is the flow.

First of all, the local rendering efficiency, to this stage, basically depends on the hardware development, improved soft optimization can achieve is limited. While the development of hardware, we can use PC as the basis for comparison, as early as in previous years, the single core technology of CPU have been developed to the limit, then the basic progress based on multi-core parallel technology, which is caused by the increased energy consumption increased sharply and the space occupied, so the performance is enhanced and the the cost of mobile devices to do much, much more advanced battery technology to accept?

Then, cross platform support, we all know app to different platform to write, but write web not? Yes, PC has not, but still exist on the mobile platform, screen adaptive strategy of adaptive performance, adapt to the traffic and so on a series of problems, with the development of APP compared favorably to solve these problems before, where the advantages of web? And these problems every seven or eight years, they are also not solved? But with the gradual app development platform, and if there is a suitable intermediate support frame, the development cost and webform will not exist much difference (but there is no one to do it).

Finally, and most importantly, traffic, APP traffic advantage is obvious, only transfer the necessary data compression algorithm, the optimal user controllable strong. That is to say, as long as the user care flow, web always exists inherent disadvantages. But when the flow becomes don’t need to go to care? The answer is obvious, when the mobile phone can monthly internet. What time can monthly Internet? No answer. 3G good, 4G worth mentioning are the clouds, no base station construction operators can NB to allow all users to use mobile Unicom monthly, no, No. An alternative way is WiFi hot, but WiFi hot construction involves too many conflicts of interest and technical limitations, not a decade if it is not the nature of change.

To sum up, too far away to say, I think I can see, within ten years, app is king will not change the pattern.


Taken together, in the long run, WEB has an advantage, but it’s a long term and a time lag.
Speaking from PC:
WEB also did not fully achieve the desired results, although many applications are beginning to WEB, GOOGLE also pushed Google OS in force. But WEB still can’t reach the desktop application of convenient and fast. The WEB app store is also not as previously described as subversive, and some people even released the next GOOGLE OS is likely to be Chrome OS and Android fit, is not entirely based on the cloud WEB implementation, as well as local application.
Speaking from handheld devices:
Mobile APP has a natural advantage, the next period of time is difficult to WEB, this time need three – five years at least, China may take longer, so APP is still a trend. But we can not deny the application of JavaScript WEB + HTML5 +CSS architecture, but compared to the APP, according to the now observed results, has not reached the expected even subversive effect. The application of GOOGLE in WEB is obviously the most, basically all applications have the corresponding HMTL5 application. But the more complex function also depends on the APP.

Summing up the above two points, WEB is what we expect an ideal result, the reason is very simple, low cost, easy to solve, but apparently ideal, it is impossible for us to create a WEB application with subversive. APP is the only solution. The trend is WEB application will be more and more mature, such as PC terminal, WEB solution is more and more mature, but apparently still unable to subvert the desktop application, because of this. When the WEB solution is quite mature, the only solution is the application of APP+WEB will be more and more. But it depends on the powerful 3G, 4G network support.

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