15 PNG icons download site _ icon design inspiration for


1, Chinese icon search: http://www.iconpng.com/
2, search Icon: http://www.findicons.com/
3, icon material: http://www.fasticon.com/
4, PNG icon download: http://dryicons.com/
5, download icons: http://www.icotrip.com/
6, search http://www.icones.pro/
7, foreign IOS icon download http://weloveicons.com/
8, search icon http://www.iconfinder.com/
9, free icons download http://www.freeiconsdownload.com/
10, free website icon http://www.freeiconsweb.com/
11, the best icon icon set http://iconfever.com/ favorite fancier
12, Free Download Icon http://www.iconmonsters.com/
13, icon design package – free download PNG format icon http://www.iconspedia.com/
14, web design icon download http://www.iconpot.com/

15, IOS: http://www.iconsfeed.com icon set


More icon design tips and dry goods: http://www.25xt.com/works/iconweb

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