IOS application icon template, accurate production of iOS App Icon

IOS application icon templateAppicontemplatev2

This is an application icon template, through the Photoshop intelligent object, try various size shows the process of automation, need to be bundled with iOS Apps.The’s idea is the maximum size of editing, and has a smaller size will automatically enable rendering process design icons quickly. You can also choose ready-made texture, you can build and facilitate the export movement, spit out the exact file, you need to provide to apple.

This resource could easily appear in all concept of various sizes, and I spend time in precision as much as possible, you may want to customize the smaller size of the pixel to be perfect, we have been looking for. There’s a couple of things going to ’ behind the scenes ’ like a masked sharpening smaller size. Every design, that might not be a good idea. It makes your average icon slightly more clear, but also caused some &#8211 anti aliasing problem; if you find yourself, just turn off the smart filter for the affected icon.

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