IOS/Android App Icon design needs to pay attention to 6 places

As everyone knows, a successful App design involves many aspects, skills, UI, interaction, screen, user experience and icon design and so on, and in many ways, icon is in a certain extent plays an important job, although a picture is exquisite, high quality icon does not necessarily lead to success. But each developer is to understand its importance can not be ignored, either iOS or Android, whether it is Mac or Windows. Here are 6 places to look at the needs of the ICON icon depiction process.

1, the importance of pixels must not be ignored, to consider comprehensive, dimensional proportion must be accurate


Icon pixels become more important after the display of the retina screen. A very beautiful, clear the 512 pixel icon may become extremely poor in small scale on the screen, rendering must not have One finished, all is finished. in icon, “applicable everywhere” of the mind. We don’t just have to think about icon on a small scale screen, and we need to take into account the large scale screen, because many users expand their use, especially iPad users, who don’t want their personal icon to become vague at the time of expansion.

2, do not need to add text on icon, avoid by all means

This point in our previous articles also mentioned, but there are still many developers will add text on the icon, because they are always afraid of user can not see your application, do not know the name of the application. But we should be aware that icon will become smaller in the equipment, under normal circumstances, the user is not going to read the text on the icon.


For example, when the icon in the equipment change hours, you can see the top of the text? Dear friends, do not superfluous! O (a _ U) O~


3, do not go to cottage other Icon, or the design is very similar, must highlight their personality


In fact, this point, many developers are very clear, with the existing icon have high similarity will let users very confusing if the user downloads the icon similar to app, not a good user experience will make users suspicious of your app. The app store can be used to describe the multitude, and we know that Apple will be rejected and the existing app is very similar to the application, the same applies to icon. So, how do you make sure your icon is different from other people’s icon? Designers need to think about it seriously!


4, forget who the user is, we must make clear our design APP target customer base


Start in your designIOSBefore icon, you need to know who the user is If your user is young, you will need to be distinguished from color and image, the use of APP in the style of children must have the obvious difference with Fortune 500 users. Children use app color eye-catching, element jump, is not financial app conservative colors and styles, etc..

So, design needs are important!

5, IOS icon design is not too complex, simple the best

Too messy icon will increase the user’s understanding of the difficulty, which is what we don’t want to see. After icon is reduced by share, it’s hard to get rid of it. What’s app for?. In other words, do be careful not increase the elements in the icon, too many elements in addition to let people lure, can also irritate some different civilization users, because you increase the violation of their traditional cultural elements, especially those with overseas developers issued Implementation plan.

6, ICON design should follow the current user habits, design and regional culture

Now the mainstream IOS icon is rounded, you can’t make a square or rectangle icon, right?. And you also need to consider the Multi Country factors such as the country and region that the app uses, how their population and users are using it.

Conclusion: when we design a IOS or Android icon, we must think more, imitate more, and innovate more! At the same timeNotice the above 6 places, and a successful APP icon icon design is not far away from you!



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