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Logopond is a design platform to display excellent foreign LOGO works and publish LOGO.

It includes some famous designers and design organizations abroad. Address:

Here is a selection of some of the best LOGO design to share with you:

LogopondExplain´╝ÜEra India Film Awards – &#8216 TOIFA – Vancouver 2013 “.The biggest Bollywood annual event!Therefore, check out this …I was close to the India times – the world’s largest newspaper English – brand identity (including the design of the statue Trophy / TOIFA) hitherto unknown 2013 Film Award for …As the creative director.This event will be held in Vancouver, April 6th.Every A- Lester will be there …Shah Luke Khan, Mr. Bill Laimbeer, Bhachan, Kapoor, Katirna, ANUSHKA, Puri Chopra, your name.I’m going to share with you some behind the scenes logo making and carving statuesSeeImage.

586abc0a9701c1b2714b620d6858a463 046195564dd0639a726d0551c40210fb C07a40b8774c10d1fcaee106350022a1 D6655ff182a3936739da22b4b00327b2 2e728ee801543748f2ec18aa1df0a11f

This is a colorful set of eye-catching design works.

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