[logo] design of design symbols, meet the text

Logo design has up to two parts: text symbols.Although most designs remain two independent, designers combine them, if possible.The use of biological form nature of letter form or negative space, they create the craft of symbolic things, pull, FedEx or tour de France, is an interesting way to seal the conceptual design work.

The famous FedEx logo uses negative space to create an arrow between E and X

The simple sum of the two points and a circle, the logo of the tour de France turns into “we” in the “tour” to a bicycle ride

However, although the Federal Express (FedEx) and the tour de France for this strategy to be successful, it is often not easy to break, because the design it may reduce readability and messy.The method is not discounted at all, but never allow yourself to design, the concept of smart, is actually impractical.Q: how much memory the design really obtained by merging the text and symbols, and may damage from the appearance of design in any way?

An example of 99designs

Ricky AsmanisThe design combines the text and symbols to create a goldfish

Here is an example of the design of 99designs design community member Ricky Asmanis,GoldfishIn fact, symbol / text combination is very perfect, the level of cross depicts an abstract fish use “D” and “F” goldfish.The symbol is clear and does not affect the readability of the “eyes”, the middle “D””.

VencislavThe design of the same client the symbol and text from a cleaner effect

At the same time, consider the alternative design institute researcher 99designs Vencislav designer, so that the text and symbolism is almost completely independent of the (in my bubble exception).The design is undoubtedly cleaner, more readable, and it lacks visual acrobatics, which makes up for an interesting font and fuller goldfish design.

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