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Today’s recommended website is, and the world’s largest free icon search engine! The FindIcons search engine, so you can find on the site through the keyword free icon sets, it is currently the world’s largest free graphic database search, advanced filtering techniques that you can accurately find suitable icon icon search engine – download 410185 free icons, PNG icons, UI “icon, icon design, sale &#8211, icon design; Search through 300000 free icons in more than 2000 icon packs&#8230; the world’s largest search engine icon (2534 icon set, 410185 icon) Vector…, we detail below the findicons website.

Number one: what is, like its name, is an icon search engine that helps you find free icons. It is one of the world’s largest search Icon Library (where there is more icon library, please tell us) and advanced search filtering and matching algorithm allows you to easily find the needs of each design task icon. We started designing the system, icon library, background program, page design, and even our cartoon mascot from scratch. We have similar search engines before, but we often need to use Google Images to find the icons we need. At the same time, the false slogan of our extreme aversion to certain similar sites (claims to have 150 thousand icons but actually less than 100 thousand ( most similar sites on the icon set so we know the true number). This is a shameless strategy to attract the attention of users, which makes us feel fooled every time. That’s another reason why we built this site!

Second: better than the same site where?

As mentioned on the issue, has the world’s largest icon library, more advanced search results filtering and matching algorithm and the output format more. At the same time, we record each search request according to the user score to improve search results. We know that the search does not enable you to easily find classified storage icons. So we developed a convenient user collection function, you can put the popular icon stored in your own collection, it is online from any computer can access to. In the future, you may no longer need to each of the icons are stored in the hard disk folder.

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