Interpretation of creative font graphic design knowledge: three characteristics of font change

Nowadays, creative font graphic design is becoming more and more important, whether it is mobile APP design, APP logo design or electricity supplier poster design, it is inseparable from the creative font graphic design. Especially the creative typeface design of Chinese characters is becoming more and more popular. For example, font designers Liu Bingke, Hu Xiaobo, and Zhang Jiajia of font legend.

All rely on font design this craft, gallop design circle, make money countless. So, this line is still very promising, it is worth our APP designers or UI designers to work hard direction.

Font design


Nonsense, today 25 schools to popularize some of the related creative font graphic design of basic knowledge – font changes in the three characteristics.

Do you know any little friends?

Well, the following 25 schools directly tell you what is the three major features of glyph changes.


As we all know, after artistic design, it can make the text image become contextualized and visual, and strengthen the language effect, become a more specific and tendentious visual symbols. The most basic criterion of font design is that it is easy to identify while changing font.


The first feature of creative font distortion is hard

Keywords: strength, solid, impact, heavy, tough, fierce…… This kind of font has strong momentum, obvious visual impact, strong personality and clear rhythm, which can be used to realize strong confidence and courage, show cohesion and appeal, and give a visual shock.

Design criteria for glyph change 1


Because of the tension of the font, this kind of glyph is more commonly used in stimulating and adventure scenes, such as sports activities, extreme sports themes, war movies and disaster movie posters, and this kind of glyph is also common.

Although the creative design of fonts is relatively free, it should maintain the unity of word and word. A group of font design, should maintain a unified change rules, otherwise it will cause confusion.

Design criteria for glyph change 2


Second characteristics of creative font deformation: soft

Key words: soft, slim, elegant, intimate, gentle and elegant…… This type of font is suitable for delicate emotions, such as emotional design theme, female theme design, public mural design theme and so on, through the curve gentle, can let yourself get to show greater degree, through the visual feeling, form and character of the emotional resonance, in order to achieve the best results.

Design criteria for glyph change 3



Third characteristics of creative font deformation: old

Key words: serious, correct, formal, neutral, t moment, traditional, simple, nostalgia…… This type of font is more common in the brand font, giving full and full sense of trust and persuasion, maintain the font shape of the rules, in the font of the appropriate stroke dressing, in the rigorous breakthrough, in the rule of innovation.

Design criteria for glyph change 4


These are the three features of creative font graphic design: summed up three words: hard, soft, old.



The last suggestion of the 25 school:

When you practice font design, find representative fonts to do, practice representative fonts can not only stimulate your creativity, but also improve your thinking ability. After the artistic design of the text, it can make the text image become situational, visual, and strengthen the language effect, to enhance the quality of page design and visual V performance has played a great role.

Note: what is a typical font? Interpretation of graphic design knowledge of creative fonts

Interpretation of graphic design knowledge of creative fonts

The time you will think of the clock, you think about the telephone conversation, you will think of love thought to these representative words, remember not to watch other graphics directly on the font, so there is no sense of design, to cleverly put itself to the combination of graphics and fonts.


Finally, how many stages of the evolution of Chinese characters have been popularized?:

Answer: Chinese characters have changed over 6000 years:

Oracle, bronze, Xiaozhuan, Lishu, cursive script,

(business) (week) (Qin) (Chinese) (Wei Jin) cursive

“More than a gold zhuanli straw for seven kinds of font called” seven body Chinese characters

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