Learning Logo logo design: how to properly use LOGO grid design

If you want to learn Logo logo design, you must understand what LOGO grid design is Why use the logo grid and so on?.

For many designers who want to design Logo, a Logo grid or logo logo design guide is a good starting point. In other words, the correct use of LOGO grid design system to design, relative to the designer, easy to make some. Because the logo grid is a bit of a complementary and inspirational part.

LOGO grid design

When we use logo to identify grid systems, especially when designing, we often present an extreme size, very large or very small, that can help you create some visual harmony, an organized, aesthetic, targeted design.


From a macro point of view:

Logo grid should be a very important part of the visual recognition system. As shown in the following picture:

Logo grid is also an important component of logo design system

So, logo grid design tool is a good way to help us design logo.


Plainly, the grid is a common tool that has been widely used in all aspects of design, and designers use it to create art for printing projects and screens. The grid has old and time tested concepts, and more modern or custom grids are available.

For web designers, the most commonly used is the grid system design method. It’s a little bit like logo grid design.


So much, so what exactly is the logo grid design?

1, below look at the background specification of LOGO grid design, this is the normal logo grid design specification material

Logo grid background design specification


The logo mesh is usually made of a practical square grid, just like the grid paper you use in school, but the structure of the logo mesh can be extended to more. Some designers use round logo grids, and some create a unique grid system for any project, including highly invisible, space between elements and blanks.

The common feature of all logo grids is that they use a mathematical approach, which is designed to assist space and fill space design by placing grids.

2, below we see through the design of such logo grid logo design works.


Golden ratio design logo case demonstration

The most common logo design method: Logo design dry goods: how to use the golden ratio to draw LOGO graphics


Digital logo design 94 Digital logo design 92 Logo


Graphic display of grid layout design skills

Extended reading: vivo mobile phone theme interface entries learning: graphics and structure, that is, the benefits of using logo grid design


Appreciation of Logo grid design drawings

The other is called ruler drawing, logo design tutorial: the whole process diagram of AI ruler drawing


The above three commonly used Logo logo design methods will be designed with the help of logo network.

Finally, the 25 school Xiaobian also suggest that you do not blindly use the logo grid design system, learn to choose their own logo design methods to design their own logo.

For any design technology, the logo grid is perfect for some designers, but for some, it’s painful. Depending on the experience of your Logo design, you might be interested in custom options, free design, hate working on grid, and so on.

Starting from the grid, or just simply defining the size and graphics, is excellent – the design of logo from scratch is actually like building a house, and a solid foundation is the guarantee of long-term utility. If you’re part of an enterprise brand or brand image, then use the grid at least in the structural part of the logo design to ensure the integrity of the elements.

But as a logo design enthusiasts, with the help of logo grid is also not a bad idea to design ideas. What do you think?


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