2017, hello! You APP design the old driver’s creative welcome chicken year 2017

2017 will be coming soon, the 25 school collected several designers, old drivers of some design works, expressed his expectation of 2017, while blessing himself in 2017 new year achieved good results.

Here, the 25 school is also a blessing to the arrival of 2017, but also hope that the 25 school in 2017 to serve more APP designers.


Two thousand and seventeen

2017-1 2017-2 2017_dribbble 2017-01 2017chicken 2017-new-year-animation 2017-%e6%96%b0%e5%b9%b4%e6%95%b0%e5%ad%97%e8%ae%be%e8%ae%a1

This is a 2017 animated, want to see the animation can move: New 2017 Animation




Here, the 25 school welcomes the arrival of the 2017 chicken year with all the designers.

If you want to express your welcome and wishes for 2017, the designer can play old drivers up sister ability!

Share your design works with 25 school friends! It was the first New Year gift for 2017. It’s also a gift from the 25 school.

If you design, you can contact the group administrator!



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