Logo design learning notes: five commonly used logo design performance techniques

In our early high school reading stage, on the Chinese class, often listen to the teacher to tell us some writing techniques. If the use of sentence, parallelism, contrast, contrast, lyric by King, “and so on, happy ending without happy beginning.

Now, at work, design a brand logo or APP product logo icon, you can also apply these logo design performance techniques.

Today, the 25 school Xiaobian share with you five commonly used logo design performance techniques.


Summed up the LOGO logo design has five methods: * 006

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In order to consolidate some basic design knowledge of logo logo design. 25 schools will come again, specifically speaking, these five commonly used logo design performance techniques.


The first design technique of logo:Presentational technique

Mark objects directly associated with the typical characteristics of the image, or mark the terrified. This method is direct, clear, clear, easy to understand and remember quickly.

Such as the publication of the book to the image of the book, the performance of the railway industry to locomotive image, the performance of the banking industry in the image of coins as signs, graphics and so on.

The representation technique of a sentence: with the mark image feature representation technique, directly related to objects and typical direct expression to come straight to the point, the meaning of trademark.

For example, the following 2 logo design cases are designed using presentational techniques.

Logo%e6%a0%87%e8%af%86%e8%ae%be%e8%ae%a1-%e8%a1%a8%e7%8e%b0%e6%89%8b%e6%b3%95Creative logo design 31


Logo, the first Finance Companies to invest, was designed using the money structure directly associated with it.

The second is the symbol of Zoucheng City Cultural Publishing House logo, the three superimposed book like wings of the wings, flying in the blue sky.

The third is a monkey’s logo logo design. Reflect the flexible service of monkey, give vivid impression

These two logo signs are direct, clear and easy to remember.



Second techniques of logo design: Symbolism

It uses symbolic things, graphics, characters, symbols, colors, etc. to symbolize the abstract connotation of the symbolic objects.

For example, the symbol of workers and peasants union can use the crossed sickle axe, symbolizing the growth of children, can use tall and straight seedlings and so on.

In a word, the symbolism uses the elements associated with the content of the logo, and skillfully expresses the connotation of the symbolic object.

For example, the following logo design case:




Third techniques of logo design: implied meaning

The content and characteristics of the sign are expressed by means of innuendo, hint and hint by using the image similar to the meaning of the sign or the implied meaning.

For example: the umbrella image can be implied damp proof, with the image of the glass implies easy broken, with arrow image direction, and so on.


In a word, the implied meaning means the theme of the symbol by means of some character of the thing.



Fourth techniques of logo design: visual perception technique:

Using simple and unique abstract graphics, characters or symbols without special meaning, it gives people a strong sense of modernity, visual impact or comfort, which arouses people’s attention and unforgettable.

This technique does not rely on graphic meaning, but mainly relies on the graphic, literal or symbolic visual power to show signs.

In a word, the elements of visual perception have no special meaning, but their composition is reasonable and comfortable, which can make a deep impression on people.

Logo of Lenovo Group, logo of Acer, Acer computer.




Fifth logo design techniques: simulation techniques

The technique of imitating or comparing the features or meanings of a marked object with the image of something similar in character.

Such as the use of the crane wings images match flight, by running the characters compared to EMS etc..


In a word, the simulation technique of logo design is to show the meaning of the sign by simulating some characteristics of things.


Of course, logo design skills a lot, generally speaking should pay attention to the following points:

Keep the visual balance, pay attention to the smooth line, make the whole shape beautiful;

Emphasizing themes by contrast, contrast, or border;

Choose the right font;

Fourth, pay attention to blank space, give people imagination space;

The use of Se color.


Finally, in our actual design work, the most widely used is the first kind of expression technique – presentational technique, which is direct, clear signs and brand characteristics, easy to remember, and not easy to make mistakes, so the most widely used. It’s also one of the easiest ways to design logo.

Among them, marking technique, cartoon technique and geometric form method are the most commonly used logo design techniques.

Identification technique is the phonetic symbols mark, text, prefix letters to design logo;

Cartoon techniques to design logo through exaggerated and humorous cartoon images;

Geometric shape method is to use point, line, surface, square, round, polygon or three-dimensional space and other geometric figures to design logo. Of course, the design is often based on a gimmick, several techniques staggered use.

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