Another designer’s favorite lossless image compression tool — ImageOptim

Designer’s favorite online lossless image compression tool, in addition to TinyPNG, there are some more practical picture batch compression optimization tools such as JPGmini, Punypng and PNGmini, etc..

As we all know, lossless image compression on mobile APP is becoming more and more important. Because the smaller the picture loaded on the mobile terminal, the better, also take care of the quality of the picture clear.

Today, the 25 school continues to share with you the recommendation of a UI designer, an APP designer, an operating designer, and even a front end engineer, lossless lossless image compression tool: ImageOptim.

Unfortunately, it’s only supported on MAC computers. Designers on window have to wait


ImageOptim support PNG/JPEG/GIF animation, is the essence of all kinds of image graphical front-end optimization tools: AdvPNG, OptiPNG, Pngcrush, JpegOptim, jpegtran, Gifsicle and PNGOUT material.


There are 2 reasons for recommending the 25 school:

1, ImageOptim software is very small! 2.6M only

2, ImageOptim operation is very, very, very fast! Particularly suitable for batch processing picture resources, such as a full set of icon and so on. This is the most practical APP Chetumal lossless image compression artifact.


In addition, if you want to APP that @2x batch compression @3x image resources, the method is very simple! Select drag to the compression interface on the line!



Lossless image compression tool ImageOptim compression rate can reach about 40%. It’s the best picture compression tool for APP designers and mobile front-end engineers.

Designer’s favorite lossless image compression tool ImageOptim download address:



Official website:


If the window operating system want to use such excellent lossless image compression tool, 25 schools also suggest that you download the king of image compression – Image Optimizer.

Image Optimizer is a leader in image optimization tools. It is the same company with JPEG Optimizer software produced, the latter is for JPEG format images, and Image Optimizer can be JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIF and other image files compression optimization, wider application range

Software download can be downloaded by Baidu search.

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