Mobile applications APP icon design series: English, digital, special symbols

The last one to share with you the mobile application APP icon design series: Chinese font deformation design of dry goods, as well as the core skills of the previous Logo design: focus on geometric graphic elements use

1, a group of beautiful LOGO icon design, refactoring logo logo design appreciation

2, MBE food, fruit, beauty small icon design appreciation, especially beautiful

3, APP icon design tips: how to design the simplest icon combinations

As long as you read more of these APP icons dry design, you will understand the use of many of the principles and techniques used in the design.

Creative English character logo design

App character design

Here we continue to share the mobile application APP icon design series: English, digital, special symbols of creative deformation design.

For example, the APP logo design of the designer brand on APP store, as follows:

Designer App Design




01, the design of a single letter

The design of English letters is usually to extract the first letter of the product name for the design, because the English alphabet itself is concise, combined with the characteristics of the product for creative processing, it is easy to achieve aesthetic and recognition of both.

Single font design

Advantages: beneficial to the designer to play, it is easy to make aesthetic application icons.


PS: because of limited letters, it is easy to create the same, visual differentiation is difficult to protect. For example, P icon logo design




02, more than English letters design

A number of English letters are usually made up of the full name of the product or a combination of several initial letters, and the combination of Chinese pinyin and Pinyin initials is also used in china. In the design of the letter combination, it is necessary to consider the combination of letters, single row letters for 1~3 is appropriate, the more letters, the lower the recognition.

Advantages: combined letters are easy to form a unique product abbreviation, user-friendly memory, such as ofo, YY and so on.


PS: popular combination letters are easy to duplicate, which poses a challenge to product differentiation.

Design of multiple English fonts




03. Combination design of letters plus background patterns

By adding the background pattern and combining the letter design, it can not only increase the visual sense of the application icon, but also enrich the visual expressive force. It should be noted the background pattern of the color and complexity processing, to form a strong contrast and letter design, the message is not affected.


Advantages: enrich the visual hierarchy and visual expressive power of the application icons.


PS: the number of letters is excessive, the design complexity will affect the information background pattern.


Letter logo design




04. Combination design of letters and graphics

The combination of letters and graphics is widely used. Graphics can be divided into geometric figures and life images. As cool dog music is a combination of circles, QQ browser is combined with the refinement of the cloud in life graphics. The creative processing of letters and graphics can make the visual expression of the application icons more full.

Advantages: icon visual performance is full, the design requirements of the letter is relatively low.


PS: if the selected graphics are commonly used graphics, it is not easy to form characteristic elements.


Digital app icon design




05, digital design

Numbers are very sensitive to us, and designing with numbers can give people a sense of affinity. Because digital identification is very strong, it is easy to brand communication and user memory.

Advantages: with affinity, strong identification, easy to spread and memory.


PS: it is difficult to control the relevance of digital and brand closely.

Digital app icon design 2



06, special symbol design

Special symbols in the application of the icon design case is relatively small, because the meaning of the symbol itself will have certain restrictions on product attributes, so targeted strong. Such as “an” symbol can represent money and relevant products, can not be used in this property has nothing to do with the products above.


Advantages: the graphic features are obvious, and they have strong attributes, which can explain the related product attributes very well.


PS: graphics attributes are more targeted, independent graphics can not be differentiated in the same product, it is necessary to combine product features for combinatorial design.


Special character symbol design


The above 6 points are our most common mobile applications APP icon design – English, digital, special symbols.


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