Mobile application APP icon design series: Chinese font deformation design

As everyone knows, the beauty and attraction of a APP application icon design determines the user’s first image of the product. An attractive APP application icon that allows users to know you and download your APP.

Monkey APP Icon



01, single font design

Extract the most representative independent text in the product name, and design the font. Through the design and adjustment of the strokes and the overall skeleton, in order to meet the product characteristics and visual differentiation purposes. As the sensitivity of Chinese people to men, this design form greatly reduces the user’s cognitive cost of the brand.

Advantages: with the characteristic font design, the product information can be transmitted at a glance, allowing users to quickly find the application on their mobile desktop. Such as Alipay, NetEase, known as the master mailbox application icon, a very strong identity.


PS: independent text extraction is difficult, can only be used in the product name has the characteristic meaning of the product, if not properly extracted, it is difficult to achieve the market differentiation, and a lot of the same font confused, interfere with the user’s memory of the product.

As shown in the following picture:

App icon design: creative design of Chinese Fonts





02, multiple font design

Multiple font design is usually used directly in the design of the product name, such as Youdao, leisure fish, Dangdang, small red book and so on. A number of font design needs to pay attention to the overall coordination and readability, a row of two Chinese characters belong to the ideal readable range, the limit value is 3 Chinese characters side by side, up to two behavior appropriate. Therefore, it is appropriate to use the font as the application icon of the product name at most 6 words, beyond this amount, will greatly reduce the user’s ability to identify products.

Advantages: can more directly inform the user product name, easy to brand promotion, reduce the user’s memory cost.


PS: there are some restrictions on the product name, 1~4 Chinese characters as the best, more than 6 men will affect the combination of the user’s recognition ability.

As shown in the following picture:Deformation design of multiple Chinese Fonts




03 、 font and auxiliary graphic combination design

In order to highlight the unique temperament and attributes of the product, the combination of fonts and auxiliary graphics to foil this atmosphere is also one of the design methods. Such as headlines font and article silhouette graphics combination to form a rich atmosphere, the use of paper folding effect prominent literary temperament, shopping bag graphics use foil shopping atmosphere and so on.

Advantages: compared to the simple text design, appropriate to assist some with product characteristics of graphics, can more flexible highlight product temperament and attributes.


PS: the improper use of graphics to convey to the font information interference, font design and graphics in the proportion of the difficulty of good balance between.

As shown below: graphic design



04 、 font and geometric figure combination design

The use of geometric graphics can increase the form of icons, such as rectangular and font design combination can emphasize local information, rounded shape can make the icon style more lively and interesting, triangle use has certain guidance.

Advantages: the use of geometric graphics can increase the form and interest of application icons.

PS: common geometric form is single, it is difficult to form a unique visual difference.


As shown in the following picture:

Chinese font design of font plus graphics


The above four points is the current Chinese font to creative design APP icon design method. And most of the electricity supplier app are Chinese font deformation design come.

Shopping APP- most icon design


This is a screenshot of the Chinese Font Icon on APP store. The design of the Chinese variant font icon on APP store is also the place where we absorb the design inspiration. Find the icon of the corresponding category, just look at it.

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