Tmall APP Tmall new design, which brings us the design inspiration?

With the 2017 double eleven approaching, Ali’s new round of big promotion began, and then split up 2.5 million activities in the school King around the start, you little partners are constantly looking for people around to sweep, light up and other operations.

Of course, the school gentleman will be involved in it, forced to upgrade the latest version of Tmall APP. When the school teacher opened the new version of the Tmall Tmall APP, in addition to activities, or let the school king to see surprise small place.

The whole Tmall APP interface design is more commercialized. Brand element implantation is more thorough. So, the school King stopped work, a good appreciation of the new version of Tmall APP design.


The first point is new design: the design framework of Tmall APP has changed

In other words: the new Tmall APP starts with the first level navigation, and each tab focuses on one thing, and the user knows more clearly. This is really from the user’s point of view.

It’s not like before. Most of the icons, menus, and navigation are displayed, but the whole interface is messy. The cognitive cost of users wanting to find what they really need is increased.

From icons and navigation, today’s new Tmall Tmall APP whole feeling is clear.


The new version of Tmall APP homepage is designed as follows:

Tmall APP home page design

QQ pictures 20171021180330


This interface design can benefit from the new design framework adopted by Ali UED team. That’s itContainer upgrade.

Ali design team believes that merchandise is the most primitive link between any shopping platform and brand and consumer. At the same time, we also hope to use the simplest way to reduce the user’s cognitive cost, is no longer a layer of entrance, but can directly touch the goods, by highlighting the advantages of the product itself, to achieve the purpose of efficient shopping.

New design framework of Tmall APP home page


In order to strengthen the performance of the goods, the information expression of the container is more flat than the old version, and the structure is very simple from the complex and random entrance to the combination of pit position. Use big data to recommend selected goods, so that users and goods directly touch.

As shown in the following picture:

APP design framework


Second novelty design: card design and application more extreme.

As the following brand column: each recommended store is a card, in each card contains 3 pits. Add a 3 pixel projection to each card. The APP interface design is divided into the sense of consistency and hierarchy.

QQ pictures 20171021180333

Especially, the card design of my page is more obvious. The difference between each card is very clear, and the design in the card also takes a lot of designer mind.

The following diagram: 4-5 -1 – 3-4 pit layout. Well-proportioned。

QQ pictures 20171021180323


Especially in my page, there’s a little bit of detail to experience the interactive design of the user.

For example, the order module, to see all the font with the title of the column font is the same big, if we design before, will make the font smaller. Now this is a clever design. And in the mobile phone APP to see, is also more obvious. It’s simply weakening through color. Instead, it highlights the entrance in this red, brilliant, and overall interface.

At the same time in order module and three single polite module adds focus map picture scroll, let originally quiet my page suddenly perk up. The move caters to young users. And it’s full of design elements on the entire interface.


Look carefully, the original three single polite is a temptation. Very interactive design in line with human nature. It’s also a great design to boost the user’s sense of engagement. It’s worth learning.

Of course, there are other design details that are worth digging and tasting. The above 2 dots are 25 school Xiaobian want to share with you.


Third new design: Design for Tmall APP noble difference between the electricity supplier APP

The new design of Tmall APP focuses on the injection of brand elements. At the same time, the refresh effect has changed, not the same as before. Add an active atmosphere.

The main Tmall APP design team personnel, also know, most of the electricity supplier APP design is almost the same, not careful, but also really can not distinguish. Now, after the new version of Tmall, it has greatly enhanced the recognition.

Here are 2 of the most striking features:

The first one is the top of the front page of the Tmall APP, with the TMALL brand logo logo.

The second is my page top background modeling is a tmall image, very eye-catching, and the card module integration is in place.

As shown in the following picture:

Tmall-APP- home design 2

The above is the 25 schools want to share with you three Tmall Tmall APP new design novelty, but also to convey a new business design ideas and attitude to our. It’s worth learning and encouraging.


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