Designer favorite icon animation are here, let your eyes

Whether APP scene switching or APP interface reminder, icon animation is an essential element in the exchange of dynamic effects.

The most common is now tmall APP dual 11 button animation design, is not very cool.

Tmall APP home page design

Tmall is home to APP toolbar in the middle of ten happy icon has a launch dynamic effect. The purpose is to remind users, let users click into the main venue of double eleven.


So: icon animation is definitely a sword in the hands of APP designers. You can guide the user to the place you specify. And then interact.


Today, the 25 school from the chase wave network to everyone get to a lot of good icon animation. Let everyone spoiled.

This APP plus button on the right side of the icon animation is very cool, very wonderful. Animation inspired by water drops.

In addition, dynamic interface make it easier for people to understand the interaction of hierarchy, to alleviate people’s cognitive burden. To the extent that

This click button scene switch, very dynamic

Will you feel so close and cute when you want to see such a creative delete icon animation? Originally deleted can also play like this.

Animated icon animation.


After watching such an atmospheric APP interface conversion scene, interactive dynamic effect. It immediately reminds us of the fan dance on the impression of the G20 summit in Hangzhou, West Lake. Is the atmosphere.

After reading so many lively, vivid, brain hole open APP icon animation, do you really want to learn? Before learning to know the principle of making the animation icon, then do, will make you more effective.

Finally, the 25 school will share a logo design animation that you will laugh at.


Logo lets you laugh oh! Wood pregnant sense

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