LOGO design learning: the letter design course of DDC

Today, the 25 school needs to share with you a regular logo design: the letter of the DDC logo design center. Let some students who have just started the logo design to provide some design ideas and design steps process.

You can also learn some logo design skills and how to design an excellent logo.


Background analysis of LOGO design cases:

The meaning of DDC is Dianrong Design Center, Chinese Name: melting point design center. That’s the name of the vision department for the design of dot melting network.

The melting point of the network to obtain Standard Chartered direct investment firm and tiger Global Fund (C round of financing was $207 million) financing by the NYSE listed company Lending Club co-founder Su Haide (Soul Htite) founder and senior financial law lawyer Guo Yuhang, is committed to using advanced Internet technology and financial innovation to make investment and lending more transparent and more efficient.

Point melting design center is a dynamic design community, and it is a platform to integrate designers into creative ideas!

Therefore, the design concept and basic forms of logo should be concise, lively, designing, interesting and in our own style.


The main color of the dot melting network is cyan. Color code: #2bb591



Now let’s take a detailed look at the design of the letter logo design at DDC, a total of 7 steps


Step 1. we choose to design on the basis of alphabet

Image title

Our text is too long, put in a following concise Abstract logo does not look good, so take the “Dianrong Design Center” the first letter of the three “DDC” as our logo appropriate, but if not “DDC” three letter design deformation, the following combination of the words “Dianrong directly Design Center” and it is too monotonous, there is no sense of design and fun, so we first design a set of Dianrong Design Center’s exclusive font, then abstracts part of the main design elements inside the design, restructuring, finally come to our main logo.


Step 2., we chose industrial rounded rectangles as the “source” of font design”

Image title

The rectangular design concept and form with our own sense of the melting point of the network logo form serious discrepancies, and circular design will highlight the design too own sense of form, and a strong sense of form will grab off the main logo “thunder”, so the rounded rectangle is the most appropriate choice, but the ordinary fillet the rectangle will have 8 “straight edge” and “rounded edge” connected “nodes”, the viewer from the visual feel is very smooth, have a clear sense of frustration, but industry is not the existence of such a rounded rectangle called “nodes”, because of its “fillet edge” and “tangent”, and “the connection point and center point of graphics will be increasing or decreasing relationship, so it seems no visual sense of frustration, but also more reflected in the” Dianrong Design Center ” The preciseness and logicality of the design of the set font itself.


Step 3. stripped part of the font design “source” of the main elements, design reorganization

Image title

More than 1 letters, but in 26, so it is necessary to design the restructuring can draw different letters, the letters and we design the “source” of the industrial rounded rectangle could be designed to split and reorganization, the various parts of the split, extended or reduced which need to be part of the different design elements different letters must be combined, finally, get 26 letters.


Step 4. visually adjusts the whole set of fonts of “Dianrong Design Center”

Image title

Because each letter form is different, the “negative space” of the area are also different, so to make “Dianrong Design Center” font set and acquire beautiful visual sense of balance, must be adjusted respectively each letter words with words, wrist, ear, word wide, words…… To ensure that their “negative space” area is roughly the same in vision.



Step 5. pulls out the two letters of “D” and “C” in the whole set of fonts, and makes the “individual” redesign, and draws the main body logo

Image title

Based on the “Dianrong Design Center industrial rounded rectangle element” font design and its decomposition part design the reorganization, get a full of magic and vitality of the lowercase “d” (in English letters at the beginning of design, the design of only lowercase letters, the amplification after fine-tuning, get capital letters, so we only the design of lowercase letters, uppercase letters we also through this amplification after trimming form designed to) and the clockwise rotation after naturally get the letter “C”, “C” is “d”, “d” is “C” the concise concept clearly convey the “Dianrong Design Center” the team of the pursuit of the ultimate user experience, and “DDC” every letter inside the “negative space” part can be abstracted a letter “d”, on behalf of the team of each individual design Constant beginning and persistence.



Step 6. combination “DDC” and “Dianrong Design Center” after visual adjustment

Image title

The two need to balance the visual “negative space” area to ensure the viewer’s sense of visual balance and comfort, so in the process of combination and adjustment, we once again fine tune the distance between letters, in order to achieve the overall beauty of logo.


Step 7. determination of logo color and application specification

Image title

Logo needs to have a color since Needless to say, but how the financial network with the point of the logo temperament fit is not the same, is a place for a visual problem in front of us is very serious, so we think that the use of green design is a key part of the solution, because this design can not only make up two logo collocation can “live together in peace together, more importantly, through the green extension, making the design between two logo sense and sense of form is very different approaches but equally satisfactory results, are” homologous “of the United states.

The use of standardized importance in design work that all circle friends are very familiar with, no standard design is no order, no design order is not rigorous, not rigorous design is not perfect, so the specification of the terms of use of logo, is the most important way to protect the logo phenotype the form and use of control, but also to ensure that the core weapon of “perfect modeling”.


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