The new version of the new version of APP fish, home page, in line with the tastes of young people?

This is a small collection of 25 schools on the petals of a collection of online girls APP UI designers on the new version of idle fish APP home page works.

At the same time, the designers also designed the works for the guide page of APP, and learned from the excellent design style. Font and color selection is very young. At the same time, it can be seen that the designer is also a college student. APP, the free fish that he wants in his heart, is re expressed in his own design style. It’s worth encouraging!

No nonsense, please enjoy more young taste of free fish APP new home page design.
New edition leisure fish APP
New design of free fish APP


This is very partial young users of free fish APP new home page design, in your heart can play a few points? The font is very cartoon, but the color is light yellow and light yellow.

Of course, this is the 25 school has been encouraged and advocated by college students to try to design their own hearts of those APP. In the existing APP refactoring design period, is also the best way to improve their APP UI design ability.

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