APP product competition analysis process learning: QQ music and NetEase cloud music

This is a very good case of APP product sharing. The following are some of the author’s summary of QQ music and NetEase cloud music two APP summary. Respectively from the user experience of five elements to elaborate.

Such as APP product positioning, product design, product interaction design, APP structure directory and so on. Very good APP products competing product analysis process, it is worth APP products to learn.

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1. Strategic analysis


1.1 product positioning

QQ music is to provide music functional services for positioning, while NetEase cloud is more social music as the starting point

Products ranked 1.2


WeChat index: QQ music VS NetEase cloud music

QQ music was born in 2004Ian, has the largest user base, NetEase cloud music was born in 2013, whether in the user volume or activity, and QQ music has a big gap. From the WeChat index point of view, NetEase cloud music is much lower than the QQ music, but there is an outbreak in April, NetEase cloud music is successful operation and detonated the results.



2. Range analysis

The 2.1 main functions of contrast

QQ music has a strong music library copyright NetEase, cloud music education to attract attention. But the difference between the main functions of QQ music and NetEase cloud music is not obvious


2.2 characteristic function contrast

QQ music:

1, super, sound, privilege and other sound effects;

2, rely on their own social space launch, Beijing music, song for MV;

3, exclusive star live and album, fans medal, game songs task upgrade to attract users to use;

4, personalized lyrics poster production, personalized limbs, highlighting personalized display

NetEase cloud music:

1, accurate personalized recommendation algorithm, personalized home page;

2, improve the social function and powerful cutting sharing mechanism

3, a boutique, private development, to meet the different tastes




3. Structural analysis

3.1 information architecture

It can be seen that contained QQ music features a very comprehensive information rich, clear structure, but there are overlapping functions such as more redundancy, setting the player many functions and play interface function; some architecture there is a logical error, such as search knowledge songs song song song and sing contains general knowledge song. Generally speaking, the function of QQ music is more complete, but not concise and clear.

Compared to QQ music, NetEase cloud music does not cover very comprehensive functions, but the information architecture logic is clear, the function structure is simple and clear.


3.2 interactive design

QQ music and NetEase cloud music basic function interaction is not big, such as search, play songs, etc., so pick out a process to explain.




Share song flow

QQ music song sharing (pictured above)

NetEase cloud music song sharing (pictured above)

After the search, click on the player, QQ music has two ways to share songs, if you use other shares, will make the user more steps, the other contains too much content, resulting in poor choice of users



4, layer analysis framework

4.1 interface design

QQ music search at the top of the page, can search, provide hot search and search history, but when the user glides down the home page music, search box disappears, at this time the user can not touch the search.

NetEase cloud search is located in the top right corner of the top, fixed position, at any time can touch, search also supports popular search and search history, compared to NetEase cloud interface design is more appropriate.


4.2 page layout

QQ music home page three most prominent function: my, music hall and discovery, combined with the home page information, you can see QQ music key layout, outstanding music classification and star big coffee.

NetEase cloud music page three main functions, I, music hall and square, with the home page content can see the layout of the key is to highlight the song and music social development, private.

There is also a detail, QQ music exit and then enter, the page always stays in the exit before the page; and net Yi Yun exit after login, into the page is always the home page personalized recommendation.



5, performance analysis

5.1 visual design

These two products have their own outstanding theme tone, the overall design style to maintain consistency and coherence, looks very beautiful.

QQ music player is much more functional than NetEase cloud music, and the latter is more streamlined.


A summary of some authors after competing product analysis of APP products

The most prominent advantage is that QQ music copyright and music star resources.

Driven by the gradual standardization of online music copyright, exclusive resources are a good means to attract users, and then through the operation and precipitation of time, fans will further change the viscosity of star idols to products. Secondly, APP all kinds of sound functions, such as: barrage, personalized lyrics posters, karaoke and so on, so rich and Qiang Dagong can meet the needs of user groups in different ages. However, some problems still need to be paid attention to, too many functions will inevitably cause redundancy, procrastination and the interface process is not streamlined, inconvenience to user selection.

NetEase cloud music more done in private, the song and music social recommendation.

To cater to the rigid personal preference algorithm for personalized recommendation, increase user stickiness; music scene and instant diversification of demand uncertainty, the song has become a better solution to meet the real-time needs of the scene; do social music by UGC, a small NetEase achievement cloud music do. The disadvantage of NetEase’s cloud music lies in the limitation of music copyright. With the increasing status of KOL in the social communication of music, NetEase cloud needs to grasp the rhythm of opening.


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