Sketch47 new skills: support synchronous Symbol components among multiple designers

It’s an exciting thing for all the guys who like to use sketch. That’s Sketch47’s powerful new skill: supporting the simultaneous Symbol components among multiple designers! Roar.

There are often several design components and elements that need to be shared between multiple designers in a team, if you can have one of these componentsSymbol library, and automatically synchronize with everyone.

Now Sketch47 has solved this problem, and no longer need to sync with email and QQ as in the past.

If your team needs more people to share oneThe Sketch component library simply adds the file containing the common Symbol to your Sketch.



Step 1: add public libraries



Through the top left cornerSketch – Preferences – Libraries – Add Library added.

Later onFind the components you need to insert in Insert.


The second step: 021. From public libraries to individuals



What if I want to change the content of the public library?

Simple, direct in yoursYou can double-click this component in Sketch.


Modify to save, and then close the public libraryThe Sketch file, then your personal Sketch in the upper right corner of the window there is a public library update to remind &lt Library Update purple; Available> and then click show what changes, if you agree to receive these changes, click on the [Update Symbol] (if you do not agree to receive, the front hook take off good)


The last step: 035.

Sketch officials do not provide the function of sharing this public Sketch file, so it needs to be synchronized with a design collaboration platform like Blue Lake. Blue Lake before synchronization function for the design, we use the Blue Lake now is to realize the function of automatic synchronization between multiple designer computer real-time sharing of the public Sketch file, also listen to my colleagues said there will be historical and future versions of the back and the members of the authority set up.

Blue Lake software download address:

If other colleagues change the publicSketch component library, Blue Lake help you automatically synchronize, in your Sketch right upper corner will also have a purple update reminder, you can selectively accept changes.


Well, that’s a powerful new skill for Sketch47, and that’s how it works. I wonder if everyone has Get to this new skill? If not, welcome Liao Devin~

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