Creative design of mobile phone APP logo: learning of animal shape design skills

As we all know, many APP and enterprises now design APP logo or enterprise logo logo in animal shape. The most famous are Alibaba group and Jingdong, the United States Group Internet, etc..

So, as an excellent APP designer, how to master the animal design skills? Let’s start with how people design animals to shape APP logo.


Group one: Monkey.Cool App Icon APP logo design for monkeys

Monkey Monkey APP Icon Monkey APP Icon 2

The second group: animal APP logo creative design appreciation


The third group: cute squirrel APP icon design series

Beaver_dribbble_02_1x Beaver_dribbble_05_1x Dribbble-shot-041_1x

The fourth group: very animal shape specific APP logo design, color match very gorgeous APP Icon

Cow_icon_thumbnail_800x600_1x Iconpeluche Ios_icon_1x

The fifth group: animal shape linear icon design appreciation


The above 16 very beautiful animal shape design logo are very good animal shape design works. A careful look at these techniques can be used to draw the shape of animals.

The APP icon design works shared by the former 25 schools have:

1, a cute group of animals, cartoon logo design case appreciation

2, 7 sets of very cute animal icons icons PSD free download

3, too beautiful, color and geometric graphics perfect combination of creative UI design

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